Black Fig



Shape: round, oval or pear-shaped

Color: depending on the variety black, purple, green or yellow

Cultivation: Bursa Area

Availability: August to October

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Vitamin C, calcium and potassium One fig is equivalent like two glasses of milk in calcium content

The fig production is chemical free.

Black Bursa

Code Carton Types Caliber Product Type Number of Boxes Number of Punnets
BB-1 30x40x7 14 Layered 216
BB-2 30x40x7 16 Layered 216
BB-3 30x40x7 18 Layered 216
BB-4 30x40x7 20 Layered 240
BB-5 30x40x7 22 Layered 240
BB-6 30x40x7 25 Layered 256
BB-7 30x40x7 6x250g 240 1440
BB-8 40x60x7 15x150g 120 1800
BB-9 40x60x7 15x250g 120 1800
BB-10 40x60x9 10x500g 96 960